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Assisting People to be in Control of their Lives and Live their Own Dreams

The result of over 50 years of independent research that ignored conventional beliefs and theories this dedicated work is a SCIENTIFIC EXAMINATION OF LIFE. The research has produced an entirely revolutionary body of knowledge, including a unique counselling method. It describes the human spirit as a Human Energy Unit, hence its name, MACE ENERGY METHOD™ COUNSELLING.

The Mace Energy Method™ Counselling works by the client using a series of simple, silent mental exercises that involve absolutely no self-disclosure; even their first name is only needed and used as a matter of politeness. The exercises utilize a client’s own inherent energy.

The basic reason why The Mace Energy Method™ Counseling is entirely free of self- disclosure is because it handles CAUSE and not manifestation, which gives the body of knowledge its name, CAUSISM™.

Areas routinely eliminated by the counselling method are very importantly DEPRESSION and ADDICTIONS, plus Study Problems, Relationship problems and the Fears and Phobias which cause so much anguish for so many of us. Also addressed are Psychosomatic body problems, (experience has demonstrated that numerous body problems are indeed psychosomatic). Another action is the Activity Procedure, which eliminates any shortcomings in how a client operates in the various areas of their life.

The very first thing the counselling session does is to locate and eliminate the most negative aspect of a person’s life. Buried in their psyche, out of volitional control, it pervades their entire life, which why it is referred to as their RUIN. Thousands of case histories have all demonstrated that no one is immune from the phenomena. The extent to which it affects a person’s life of course varies, but it is unique for each individual.

Normally only two counselling sessions of 60 minutes is all that is needed to PERMANENTLY eliminate all the negative aspects of a person’s life, leaving them optimistic, happy and very IMPORTANTLY, enjoying PEACE OF MIND!


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