How the method works

The Mace Energy Method™

The result of over 50 years of independent research that ignored conventional beliefs and theories, this dedicated work is a SCIENTIFIC EXAMINATION OF LIFE. The research has produced an entirely revolutionary body of knowledge, including a unique counselling method. It describes the human spirit as a Human Energy Unit, hence its name, MACE ENERGY METHOD™ COUNSELLING.

The Mace Energy Method™ Counselling works by the client using a series of simple, silent mental exercises that involve absolutely no self-disclosure; even their first name is only needed and used as a matter of politeness. The exercises utilize a client’s own inherent energy.

The basic reason why Mace Energy Method™ Counseling is entirely free of self- disclosure is because it handles CAUSE and not manifestation, which gives the body of knowledge its name, Causism™.

Out of town clients, no mater where you live on this planet, are helped via Skype or phone. Indeed the tyranny of distance belongs to yesteryear!

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