Depression is arguably the single most common malady affecting society today. Like the common cold it affects young and old, rich and poor, blue-collar workers and white-collar workers, labourers and executives. Colour or creed is no barrier either; all are depression’s potential victims. In medicine, Depression has various classifications that are given specific names, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Post Natal Depression, plus other terms such as, Manic Depression and a term not so common today, Nervous Breakdown. Manic Depression refers to a sufferer who alternates between very high moods and equally low moods. Depression in all its guises does not have a physical component, so can only be emotional complaint. The first two mentioned types of depression take their names from the apparent source of the depression, particularly the second, but the essence of the complaint is the same, the victim is depressed and in extreme cases takes their own life, an act of total desperation.

Without going into specifics, the chronic depression sufferer experiences any and every type of emotion and attitude to life that is negative, but I can say this; anxiety, despondency and irrational fears prevail, which vary in degree and form from case to case. One person whom I helped felt that “life is not worth living” and was so despondent as to be suicidal, whilst another, an elderly affluent man just sat there in front of me and started to cry. All I had said was, “How can I help you?”

The term Post Natal Depression, in offering a specific cause implies that it is a special kind of depression; it is different to any other form of depression, but to be blunt, that is nuts. Depression is depression is depression! Yet again, the term Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in acknowledging that it is depression, implies that it is a unique form of depression caused by trauma, but that is nuts too, trauma is the ONLY cause of depression and whether the trauma was major or minor, is in the eyes of the victim. For this reason, no dictionary can define when an upsetting event becomes a trauma; the dictionaries just refer to it as an event having dramatic negative emotional effects. Emotional trauma varies in intensity from case to case. Interestingly, as a slight deviation, every physical trauma, say a broken leg, has a corresponding emotional trauma. The physician can set the broken limb, but the emotional trauma remains. The depth of the emotional trauma governs the longevity of the healing process; removing the emotional aspect expedites the healing.

The following testimonials indicate the truly remarkable scope of the method and a probably unique feature about them is that many came from people whom I, as the practitioner have never met. They achieved those benefits via a phone call or its equivalent?Skype?the tyranny of distance belongs to yesteryear!

Anxiety & Panic Attacks.

I am writing to let you know how the session you gave me has improved my life. In the past fourteen years I have suffered from Stress, Anxiety and Panic attacks. These conditions have affected my life in many different ways. It affected my relationships with my children, my stepchildren and my wife. It also affected my social relationships; my work relationships and it diminished my chances of gaining meaningful employment, with the result that I was mainly unemployed for the greater part of the last fourteen years. During that period I sought help from doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, groups, medication and also 7 weeks in a clinic. This seeking of help came at a great financial burden to my wife and myself. I hope this letter in some way explains how my life has changed and how grateful I feel towards you for helping me.

At last no more panic attacks. No more anxiety.


Note: After about 6 years, this person whom I see occasionally has never regressed.

Client, resident of Chicago:

Hello.I’m in such a low mentally depressed state I don’t even know how to ask for your help. But can you help me? If you like I will write and tell you my situation. Simply I’m a 50 yr. old women who has been unhappy off and on most of my life, for various reasons. I have been told I am maniac depressive. I was on Prozac for 10 years, now I take Effexor and Welbutrin. for the last 3 years. If my life seems to be going smoothly without ‘issues’ to deal with I’m OK. The ‘issues’ that I can’t seem to deal with are personal relationship related. So now what do I do?

19th April. Email after a session: I am feeling mellow. I see my life a little clearer and sense that I am more grounded. But I’m still in the disbelief stage. How can something so simple be so very effective?

21st April after another session: I seem to grow more thankful each day for ‘assisting me to be my real self.’ Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

26th April after a third session: I feel fortunate to have had this experience with you. This definitely has affected my life like nothing else has ever done.

Thank you for your guidance. :)

From a lady who had been on anti-depressant drugs for six years:

I feel like a new person?confident about who I am now. The depression has lifted and I feel as though I can handle anything that’s put in front of me. I’m a lot happier about life and living. L.C.

Thank you so much for applying your love and skill to my situation. I feel more stable now than I have done in many many years and I have not had one iota of upset or anger or depression or loss or abandonment since leaving you last Sunday week, which compared with my state of the preceding two and a half months and the many months before that is truly remarkable.

An enormously big thank you. Dr. S.D.

Depression and Anxiety

I wish to thank you for the wonderful changes in my life since having that session with you. Over my life I have suffered with depression and anxiety. I’ve tried many modalities to heal and change this condition, which has plagued me, counselling, regression, group therapy, attitudinal healing, breath work, bodywork, psychology, John Bradshaw family therapy and codependence. They all helped to some degree but the depression still reared its ugly head. After one session with you the change is so profound that I have decided to train with you and become a practitioner, as it is the only modality that has completely eradicated my depression. Thank you with all my heart. B.M.

Note: Good as her word this lady is now fully trained and is helping many others.

Chronic depression bordering on suicide, brought on by a devastating loss.

the other developments are also interesting. I’m still testing out my new skin, as it were. I feel quite different and it’s still hard to describe. It’s as if I have fewer limitations all of a sudden. Missing is the sense of despair and foreboding I no longer wake with the feeling that I want to end it all. The benefits of this change are huge. I’m able to focus on the practical aspects of my life without anxiety and fear, and don’t see every obstacle as insurmountable, as I did before. I have courage, something I’ve not had in a long, long time. There had been aspects of my life I previously avoided addressing because they caused so much pain. To be able to look at these issues dispassionately, and begin dealing with them is an empowering feeling. I’m stunned that 2 half hour sessions have had so much impact! Rita.

Post natal depression

I wish to express my gratitude for the change in my health and well being since my session with you in early July. To give you a little background, I had suffered with Post Natal Depression since my first child was born seven years ago. After my second child was born two and a half years later I was experiencing severe exhaustion, panic attacks and anxiety. I was so bad that I was unable to cope with looking after the children and travelled from Melbourne to Perth for help from family for a month to try and pull myself together. The depression, anxiety and panic attacks continued on and off for the next four years. I have tried everything from psychology, acupuncture, kinesiology and hypnotism to ease my anxiety. After my session with you I felt more confident and calm within. A lot of my anxiety was removed and I feel I can cope with any stressful situation over which I would previously panic. I also notice that my physical health and wellbeing has improved a great deal.Thank you John. Sincerely, J.S.