Learning Difficulties

The expressions study problems and difficulties at school are just ways of saying “learning difficulties” and no one is immune from the need to learn. We all had to learn to crawl, learn to walk and then learn to talk. School came next where learning assumed the name of study, a nasty word for far too many. Unfortunately, people are not immune to disappointments and losses during the learning process and these are the source of unknowingly created negative identities.

Experience in the Mace Energy Method™ academy has found that behind all learning difficulties lay negative identities, many of which emanate from primary school and invariably get triggered as soon as a person has to learn something new. “I’m not clever enough” or “I’m a failure” are from case histories, which surfaced in the academy along with “I’ll never learn that”. Obviously they also adversely affect self esteem.

For this reason the very first thing that every academy student has to do before being exposed to the course proper, is to eliminate ALL upsets, losses, disappointments and failures in the area of learning. A special procedure has been developed to achieve this, with the result that every student becomes squeaky clean on the ability to acquire new knowledge and commences the course with enthusiasm. A vast amount of knowledge has been assembled on the subject of study, so that all students are easily kept on track during the entire course.

On the subject of learning, negative identities inhibit a person’s ability to absorb information, so imagine what would happen to individuals and the education system as a whole, if every one, as well as children, was to be unburdened of their study hang-ups. Incidentally, children take to the Mace method, like a duck to water!

Here is a testimonial from an academy student:

Too dumb to read

Recently I decided to train with John Mace and learn the Mace Energy Method™. During our first session I was able to clear a 57-year-old reading problem. I clearly remember being 7 years old and my teacher using flash cards to help me read better. The cards contained three and four letter words. I remember feeling so dumb as she lovingly tried to help me. I remember saying to myself that I would never be a good reader. In later years if I recalled this incident I would get a very sick and sad feeling in my stomach and I remember feeling so sorry for my teacher for having to work with this dumb little 7 year old boy.

Working with John Mace it took less than 5 minutes for my problem to be cleared. It felt so strange because the feelings in my stomach just started to disappear and in another few seconds that were completely gone.The interesting thing about working with John was that he did not want to know much about my problem and I really wanted to tell him all about it. Every time I would start to ramble on he would gentle focus me back to the process. Now when I recall this experience I don’t feel anything and I see the whole problem for what it really was, just a little 7 year old having some problems learning to read. No big deal. I found the Mace Energy Method™ to be fast working, gentle and fun. After 57 years my problem is now gone. This stuff works!!!

Best regards, Gary Travis Ph.D. Energy Psychology Practitioner Arizona, USA.

This came via John Avery an experienced practitioner:

An embarrassed student.

“I can’t do this!” How many times have you heard this said?

A 15 year old boy came for a session complaining he had to be in a “special class” for English although he was near the top of his class in Maths. (So obviously intelligence was not the problem.) We found an upset with English early in his school years where he had decided “I can’t do this”. Once released permanently from this decision and the embarrassed feeling which came up every time he attempted English classes, he reported back, in a few months, that he was up to grade in English, confidence had replaced failures, he said “I even enjoy English now”. Imagine if his life had continued with this blockage in place in his future, it could affect his employment, how he felt about himself, if could even stop him doing things he aspired to this is the power of Negative Identities.

From a very happy trainee.

Dear John,

I am very pleased with the results of our first session that worked on relieving blocks I had on reading and study. Since then I have been able study with my full attention on what I am reading and understanding the content thoroughly. Further to this, I have noticed my reading to be more fluent, easier and faster.

Thank you and best wishes, M.B.