Despite the widespread belief that psychosomatic illnesses are only imaginary, they are anything but imaginary. Try telling someone who suffers from some painful condition that has no medical explanation, that the pain and discomfort he/she is suffering is imaginary! Psychosomatic illnesses are far more widespread than is generally realised. As contentious as our attitude to eliminating addictions is, the attitude to psychosomatic illness is just as contentious. John Mace has been interested in emotional wellbeing since 1959 and within that timeframe, has always known that many body complaints are psychosomatic. This was borne out by the many ailments that just disappeared as a result of emotional clearing. Although many unexplained illnesses succumbed to emotional clearing, many complaints did not. However, a moment of major intuition produced an entirely new method of locating these deep seated areas. The results were amazing! Hence the testimonials.

It is obvious that medicine’s general attitude to psychosomatic illness needs revising. The word general is used advisedly, for many enlightened physicians accept the reality of psychosomatic illnesses, but accepting their existence does not indicate a protocol for addressing them. Causism’s™ procedures are unique in this regard. A disclaimer is essential here. In no way is it claimed that the procedures or a practitioner can cure anything. The only one who can cure anything is the client, so what the procedures do is to eliminate emotional blocks, thus enabling clients to heal themselves.

A major tenet of health issues is that bodies take time to heal.

The following testimonials refer to major physical ailments, but all clients walk away from a session free from numerous less spectacular issues.

Following are testimonials from past clients;

Dear John,

I am writing to thank you firstly for giving me my life back. As you know, when we first met I was in a very sorry state. I suffered from two terminal illnesses, Reynaud’s Disease and Scleroderma. Reynaud’s Disease means your blood does not circulate to the ends of your fingertips and toes. Severe attacks lead to gangrene. Scleroderma means hardening of the skin (like a callous). It also affects the internal organs causing them to harden. Both of these diseases have no known cause or cure, yet each day I look at my hands and feet in absolute awe! Instead of being black (from lack of circulation) I now have pink hands and feet.

I also suffered from severe back and leg pain. Not only has this completely disappeared, but also so have my previous terminal illnesses. With your Mace Energy Method™ I am getting my quality of life back on course and this is all in a matter of weeks. For 20 years I have been sick, depressed and living with no quality of life at all. You John have given me hope, optimism and “Health”.

Next month I will be 56 years of age and I am really looking forward to reaching my 100th Birthday. Thank you again John and I am very pleased to offer this testimonial.

Sincerely, Bob Hedditch.

Another testimonial;

I had been in great pain from Diabetic Neuropathy for 2 years. My skin felt like someone had poured acid over it. Simultaneously, inside my body it felt as though I was being stabbed with daggers! Civilian and Veterans Administration medicos subjected me to a plethora of tests ? MRI, cat scans, sonic grams, blood tests, X-rays, upper and lower Gis, ad nauseam. The test that revealed the neuropathy was the EMG test. Incorrect after incorrect diagnosis was given kidney stones, gall bladder stones, urinary tract infection, again ad nauseam for two long years. In conjunction with the above, I was on a broad spectrum of medicines, too numerous to mention. Pain killers, Methadone, Hydrocodone, Morphine, Neurontin etc. As you may be aware some of the above are highly addictive within 3 months, much less than 2 years. I have been taking a box of pills 4 times a day. The narcotics were maximum doses. Within the last few weeks after your processing I have weaned myself down from 60 pills a day to 3 a day and this quantity only refers to the narcotics. THE PAIN HAS NOT RETURNED. According to medical phenomena one does not cease taking these drugs without extreme hospitalization with 24 hours medical supervision. The withdrawal symptoms alone would kill, an elephant, much less a Homeo Sapien! ? I did it on my own after your processing. As just stated, it is medically, as well as personally miraculous.

I was told several times by different doctors that one does not recover from Diabetic Neuropathy ? it is a lifetime affair. ? How is that for a win?!?

Thank you for your help and friendship.


Another testimonial;

Hi John,

I would like to thank you?very much for the help you have given me to have control of my life. Before I had a “Mace Energy Method™” session with you I was in pain every day with Fibromyalgia Syndrome, Arthritis & Chronic headaches, with some days worse than others. I often got very down and depressed about the pain that was there all the time, it never let up, just burning pain all over my body. It was very debilitating at times, mainly from the Fibromyalgia, which I have suffered from for approx 8 yrs.

I was taking a very strong prescription pain killer called Tramadol, the strongest available is 200 mg, I took the maximum dose every day and now thanks to you and your amazing method I am slowly cutting down on them. As they a Narcotic I have to slowly wean my body off them.

After my sessions with you I feel more alive and aware!? I have not felt so light for many years, it was though all that I had suffered in my life since childhood had been weighing me down which happens to be a major symptom of Fibromyalgia Syndrome, it was like someone was poring wet cement all over my body. ?I have not felt this since my sessions! ?I am over the moon. I also feel that because I don’t feel weighed down with negative emotions I feel much taller, I feel I want to live life again and with this?a great deal of extreme happiness.

Thank you John for assisting me to be in control of my life and live my own dreams.

Kind regards,