The Power of Now!

There is no such entity as time. Time is a nebulous element by which is meant that it cannot be de-tected by any of the bodily human senses such as sight, sound, touch or smell etc. As stated in one of my early writings, time is a product of motion and is therefore only an apparency!

An everyday example is the clock. When first envisaged as a mechanical contrivance its function as a timepiece was entirely dependent on the movement of the hands. If the hands stopped moving, as far as the clock was concerned, time had stopped.

The earliest timepiece that I am aware of utilised the burning of a tallow candle. Crude and inaccurate is it was, the reducing height of the candle nevertheless indicated time.

A question? What is the meaning the expression? Suspended Animation.

To get back to basics, there are two universes, the material universe and the energy universe. Motion is the movement of objects, matter, and because time is a product of motion, any absence of matter means that the element known as motion cannot exist, hence the absence of time in the energy uni-verse. This leaves us with an awareness of the timelessness and stillness of NOW – no tomorrow and no yesterday, only NOW!

A Being is naturally positive and each and every negative aspect of a person’s life is the product of external negative influences impinging on them. The purpose of one of our emotional healing ses-sions is to peel away these negative influences and expose the client’s native state, a unit of energy, the “real you”.

There is a downside to this awareness because the effect and often the memory of negative influ-ences disappear and clients are left with the simplistic serenity of NOW, in other words they are only aware of how they are now; the negative feelings of yesterday and even yesteryear, have been com-pletely erased. How they used to be or how they were is no longer an element in their universe and they naturally have no desire to revisit it, hence forgetting.

Forgetfulness is a very powerful natural spiritual healing medium, but it is the biggest impediment to the most valuable and effective form of promotion, “word of mouth”.

© John Mace. 9th October 2015